Error occurred during server creation (401)

  • [17:17:15] [INFO] pufferd v1.0.5 (2017-02-09_06:49:32PM 17ef2d96cd8a73910a1a6bb94d7227927f02fe48)
    [17:17:15] [INFO] Logging set to INFO
    [17:17:15] [WARN] No HTTPS.PEM found in data folder, will use no http
    [17:17:15] [DEBUG] Loading existing key
    [17:17:15] [INFO] Started SFTP Server on
    [17:17:15] [INFO] Starting web access on
    [17:17:15] [DEBUG] Checking for updates using
    [17:18:01] [ERROR] Unexpected response code from auth server
    [17:18:01] [ERROR] Error handling route
    interface conversion: interface is nil, not string

    I've checked the daemon_secret in the database and the config file on pufferd, it matches. I'm running this on VM, however the node is in another VM with the ability to communicate between.

  • I can give SSH access if it helps with debugging, after all it's a VM :P

  • Is this still being maintained

  • Are you using Apache or nginx?

  • I'm using apache

  • Please update the .htaccess file located in /srv/pufferpanel/public with

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