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New versions of PufferPanel and Scales are almost ready

  • We are in the final preparations for our PufferPanel v0.8.5 and Scales v0.2.4 releases.

    With this new release, we are looking at an even simpler Scales installation, which provides a few new tricks to help make running it even easier!

    • Docker is no longer required. We know that Docker has been causing many issues (due to the current hacky implementation) and have chosen to allow the option for Docker to be disabled on certain nodes should there be issues with it. We will be looking at additional ways in the 0.3 release to allow for similiar containers.
    • Shipment of pre-built bundles. It has been our goal for our software to be mostly contained within a simple download, and Scales v0.2.4 is working it's way there. It will now include (with the bundles) NodeJS version 4.2.4, and the latest dependencies will already be installed. This now means that you only need the system libraries required (which we also install at installation) to run the actual games, helping you get your servers up quick.
    • Better daemon handling. Instead of using forever, which was our old daemon process, we have changed to using a custom script to which will let you launch Scales in the background, but still know if the start-up has failed.

    PufferPanel is already compatible with this new version of Scales, but it did get a few minor updates

    • Database updates to support the new Scales option. PufferPanel v0.8.4 is already compatible, however to help the UI make more sense, we made small updates so the UI knows the Scales server may not actually use docker.
    • Remove un-used UI options and clarify some. We know there were some confusing options on the node page, and so have clarified some and removed others. You may not notice it, but it's there!

    We are hoping to have this ready by the end of the month, as there are a few last-minute changes we wish to make to have the panel be even easier to install, as that is our biggest problem we've seen with the panel.

  • Thats really a good news for me! XD but before that , how can I reconfigure my node IP manually? Cause after I reset my server IP, it doesnt connect to the daemon server anymore, and I need to reinstall the server again, and I have 10 of them and I need to install it 1 by 1 and that is troublesome.....

  • Nice news! keep the good work!

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