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Is there a RESTful API available?

  • Hi,

    I saw a post from around 7 months ago where someone asked the exact same question. Understandable the daemon has been reconfigured and it is less likely that an API of any sort will have bene priority. However I was curious to know whether an API already exists within PufferPanel?


  • What kind of API are you looking for?

    pufferd has an API, but if you are looking for creating servers and deleting them, that's a different API. Just working with existing servers has an API that you can use.

  • I was hoping for the former, creating servers etc. I don't suppose that there are any plans for an administration API (creating servers, deleting them) in the future?

  • There is plans for it, but our current codebase is not set up to really handle adding such an API on top of it. It'd require a massive amount of code to be copied around, and that's not ideal at all.

    We'd rather refractor the parts of the panel that need it so that such an API can easily be added on top, but that's not in our current list of work to be doing at this time.

  • Alright, thanks for the info :)

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