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My (S)FTP won't generate.

  • Hello there,

    When I see people using PufferPanel I see an SFTP but it is not generated when I use it.
    I heard/saw it was disabled in Puffer self and you need to edit files the SFTP (root).
    But where is it located in the & how to enable the FTP from PufferPanel?

  • I have no idea what you mean by this "generation".

    We run a SFTP server now with the daemon, so there's no enabling or disabling of it.

    After you create a server, the SFTP details are listed on the server's page which explain the IP, port, username, and password to get to it.

  • Nothing will show up like a FTP.

  • And the FTP below says:
    invalid passwod.

  • Okay, you mean the File Manager in the panel, that's not FTP.

    The SFTP credentials should work when you connect to the server, you are using those details as the panel explains?

  • doesnt work

    when you try to use the username it provides you get the following:
    Response: fzSftp started, protocol_version=7
    Command: open "root@localhost.com|MetaCraft@{IP REDACTED}
    Command: Trust changed Hostkey: Once
    Command: Pass: ********
    Error: Authentication failed.
    Error: Critical error: Could not connect to server

    Password is correct i set the password for the account on pufferpanel.


  • SOlved the issue despite it claiming port 22 its actually starting the server on port 5657.