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Some help please

  • Hello,
    I found the html base...but I don't know how to change the color of that black header,where is the company name,the server name,languages,etc.
    Where could I change the color (I don't know if css and what file).
    Please tell me the file and the name of the setting to find or the place (file end or something),or the best if you could tell me the line number :)
    Please help with this...I'm a noob in html.

  • All the HTML stuff is located at


    Just an info, you can change the company name in the admin settings. Anyway if you still want to see the code for it, its in


    And then there is a line called

    <a class="navbar-brand" href="/index">{{ settings.company_name }}</a>

    The languages are located at


    As JSON files.

    The header color could be changed in


    On line 732


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