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Pufferpanel and ubuntu 14.04 64 bits

  • Hello,
    Does anyone know if the panel suports installing on ubuntu 14.04 64 bits OS ???

  • @dino147 i do not see why the distribution should be an issue. You just need to make sure that all dependencies (packages on the system) are resolved.

    Make sure that you have followed at least the steps mentioned on http://www.pufferpanel.com/docs/getting-started

    If you start clean i recommend installing some additional dependencies before running the installer since it will fail on some distributions since one requirement is openjdk-8 which can be a meta package or does not resolve dependencies automatically i.e. when using debian jessie you would need jessy-backports to fetch the openjdk-8-jdk.

    In your case running:

    apt-get install openssl curl openjdk-8-jdk tar python lib32gcc1 lib32tinfo5 lib32z1 lib32stdc++6

    in addition should be enough. Note that openjdk-8-jdk needs some additional dependencies that you need to install too like ca-certificates-java. I don't remember the exact dependencies right now. Please check and add them to apt-get command.

    Hope this helps.

    Best wishes,

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