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Can't Create a New Server

  • Everytime I try and create a new server I get this error:

    An error occurred while trying to connect to the remote node. Please check that the daemon is running and try again.
    An error occurred trying to add a server. ({"error":"Receieved response i(int=404)"} ) [HTTP 500]

    Here is a screenshot: https://gyazo.com/21dd88404686f2165bee0807af761a77

    Not sure how to fix this I just installed pufferpanel I tried:

    service pufferd restart

    But that did nothing :(

  • Somehow, your daemon is trying to send a message to your panel, but that page does not exist.

    This indicates that the URL the daemon has is invalid.

    Please check the /etc/pufferd/config.json and validate those URLs point to your panel correctly.

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