Pocketmine-Mp Server

  • Hello,
    why I cant add pocketmine servers anymore in Pufferpanel v1.0? Is there any future plan to support it or an another solution to add this server?

  • We did not write a template for PocketMine because their site was broken when we were adding in the templates.

    You can create the template yourself to get it in, otherwise we will have to add it in a release so that it can be imported into your system

    We do not have documentation yet on how to write the templates yet.

  • So i can add this template but nobody knows how? In v0.8.x there was a "manage plugin" function. I think that I had to enter this manually in the config files. But where are these files?

  • Templates are stored on the daemon for the moment, in the /var/lib/pufferd/templates directory.

    You would have to mimic the structure of one to create a pcketmine template which the panel will then let you select.

  • Okay thanks a lot