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Using Puffer Panel For A Hosting Company

  • Hello, my name is Hercules_88 and i have been looking for game panels to start my hosting company. I have been looking at this panel for a while, and i am wondering when the payment will be integrated(Date?). On the forums, it said it would be added in 9.0. I would love supporting the team!


  • @hercules_88
    It was a fantastic panel for your own minecraft server hosting on your own dedicated server. I have an 8 cores server running on pufferpanel and 10 minecraft server in it with bungee.

    Unfortunately, the panel is very hard to control while the extra ports need to be manually configured and forwarded between dockers through SSH or Scales. So it is not recommended to get this panel to customers while it is still under heavy development. But you can try to launch it on your own server to test it out.

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