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PufferPanel and pufferd v1.0.0 has arrived

  • We are finally happy to introduce the latest (alpha) release of our new daemon along with the updated panel to handle this new sea monster.

    This release is more targeted to small time server owners, who just run a few servers and need a simple panel to manage them. This release is not meant for server hosts yet.

    Simply called pufferd (puffer daemon, clever, isn't she), this new daemon offers a much more flexible configuration than Scales did, and even more than what others want to try.

    pufferd has 0 code that handles a specific game, and is completely driven by JSON data files, which are dynamically loaded, so one does not need to restart the daemon to implement changes to the default templates or to even add new ones. If you want to add another game entirely, you're no longer forced to wait for some dev to go and create some code to do it, then wait for them to release it (or having to deal with creating your own docker containers and all that joy).

    It also uses a proper authorization system called OAuth2 (if you work with APIs elsewhere, you've probably seen this before), which is a huge improvement to your security and using the API.

    We also changed SFTP to now use your own credentials, so that now you don't have to share your SFTP password with anyone (subject to the implementation of subusers though). Not only does this greatly improve security over Scales, it's less hassle for you.

    We also broke the hard connection on pufferd version from the panel. This means that any 1.0 build of pufferd we release will be deployed when you create a new node, and can easily be updated. All builds of the same major version (1.0 is a major version, 1.1 is another) will work with each other, so any bug fixes will not require you to reinstall or update your panel.

    We have also proper support for Ubuntu 16.04 and PHP 7, along with Apache. Our installer will now try to handle all those cases and try to install the panel as best as it can, but you can still configure that manually if needed.

    The new daemon also works with your Linux distro, and properly installs itself as a service, so you can now use systemctl start pufferd and even enable that to auto-start. No wonky "fake" daemon systems that hide data from you, just proper integration into your OS.

    This release also changes how we store data. In the spirit of Linux, we try to properly follow their setup for our data files. This means our config is now located in /etc/pufferd and our server data is located in /var/lib/pufferd. No more craziness in your home directory and the mass amount of system users being created.

    While not significantly tested, we also now support Windows installations of the daemon. We will be updating our documentation as time goes on to explain how to create your Windows daemon.

    Sadly, this release does come with several removed features due to the massive undertaking of the new daemon:

    Subusers have been disabled functionally in this release while we migrate the system to work with the new OAuth2 infrastructure.
    File Manager has been removed while we port the code to use the new daemon, the existing code would not work with the daemon due the complicated logic it decided to use and we decided it's better to re-build it.
    Docker has been disabled in this release. We currently are working on adding this support back and already have the code on our repo, but it's imcomplete and will not run.
    We know that some of those decisions will prevent some of you from switching to pufferd from Scales, and we are working hard to get pufferd to be as feature-supported as Scales was, so that we can properly send it off.

    If you are interested in migrating to pufferd from Scales, we have written a page here (http://www.pufferpanel.com/docs/upgrading-to-pufferd) to try to get you through that process. (We still recommend backups, because trying to clean up Scales isn't fun)

    We thank you for the support and patience since the attempt at sabotage of our project a year ago, and hope that you continue to use our software.

    With all the pins of a pufferfish, we thank you.

  • wait what sabatoge O.o

  • And what version will have the server manager again,and maybe a billing module... ?

  • @dino147 version. 1.1.0 will have the file manager

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