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Auto-Deploy command not working

  • Hey,

    My Auto-Deploy command doesn't have a ip in it there for it doesn't work can anyone help me?

    • Mezy

  • Please explain this more clearly, what did you see and why did you think it failed?

  • I am having a similar issue. I have installed a fresh version of Ubuntu server on my ESXi host and generated the autodeploy script for my new node. I have run the command that it generates for me on my ubuntu node and it installs docker but then fails to install scales. I have since reset the VM and reinstalled ubuntu again and tried doing a manual install of Docker and Scales. Docker installs successfully however scales does not. After cloning the git repository and checking out the commit, I run ./scales node_install and I get the message that Permission is denied. I am running the command as root. I am fairly certain this is also where it is failing in the automated install. Please advise.

    My setup:
    Webinterface: VM on ESXi host running Ubuntu Server x64bit with pufferpanel Beta and an IP of and FQDN of puffer.mcresolution.com

    Node1: VM on ESXi host running Ubuntu Server x64bit and an IP of

  • @Bschmitz99 Can you provide all of the logs?

  • @LordRalex I will do that when I get home tonight. I am leaving for work now. I am a teenager after all...

  • This post is deleted!

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