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Error when starting a server

  • I'm getting an error when trying to start a new server on a fresh install of pufferpanel. Running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64 bit of course.

    The error in the panel states:

    "Server is starting...

    Running server Pre-Flight, this might take a moment or two...

    [ERROR] An error occured while attempting to start this server. Please ask your systems administrator to look into this."

    Paste bin of a repeating error in the docker log:


    The IP address in the log is my public IP address and is redacted for privacy.

  • The IP that you are specifying there is not one that the node has access to. You can only use IPs that are shown in your net config (ifconfig or ip addr depending on distro)

  • Ok I had the feeling. So then is there a way it can be added? Does it need to be added to make the server publicly available? My ifconfig shows the normal ethernet adapter, the loopback and then the What it sounds like you're saying is i need to set it up using the local ip address instead of the external?

  • @insuusvenerati

    I think you should bind the address to your "euth0" connection rather than "docker0". If you are running bungee, you should run bungee proxy on "euth0" while the other server is running on "docker0" address.

  • @leang_97 Yea I just switched the Ip on the node to my internal IP instead of the external. Worked perfect.

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