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Pufferpanel + PlayerServer bungeeecord plugin

  • Hi, i just tried to use the plugin PlayerServer with PufferPanel, the issue is that it dont want work on it, what it do?
    It allow player to create server, by adding it automatic in bungee config and shutdown when iit is empy.
    The problem is... this plugin got 2 method for manage it:

    • using wrapper (configurable port 5155), it just kill bungeecord server at start
    • using screen, bungeecord start with success, but if i try to create a server it dont create any screen, and nothing work...

    Ticket: https://bitbucket.org/Absentee23/playerservers/issues/56/installing-playersserver-on-a-bungeecord

    Any way for fix this?

  • We have released a new version of PufferPanel and Scales with an improved installation process and many bug fixes. Please try the latest version and see if it fixes your issues.

    I’m marking this question as solved since there has been a long period of inactivity on it. If you are still experiencing issues, please create a new question. Thanks!

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