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Server crash after move to new server

  • Im just zip my server file and unzip in new server and the server crash cant start this server


    Please helppp me

  • First off have you completed the install as the instructions have said to?
    Then do you fully own the server that you are having this error on and have you also specified the correct parameters for the correct server version because you have started a craftbukkit server. If not maybe someone else knows what it is there is no other problems I can see from the server log without taking a look at the install log.
    Hope this helps a little!

  • "Could not save bukkit.ymljava.io.FileNotFoundException: bukkit.yml (Permission denied)"
    You need to fix you permission, change the owner of your server file/folder to be the same as your panel.

  • For other people that read this later, as it has always been a problem, I have made a simple script that fixes the issues, it works on Ubuntu and CentOS, let me know if it doesn't work for you

    for i in $(ls /home | grep pp-)
      	chown -R $i:$i /home/$i/public

    Just save it as an .sh file like fix-perms.sh and run it with sudo sh fix-perms.sh, you should run it everytime you upload files directly to the server as a different user such as root

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