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Changing up the automatic emails

  • Just wondering has anybody been able to change up the emails format or know where they are located?

    My default email format

    <Server Name> - Account Login Notification
    You are recieving this email as a part of our continuing efforts to improve our server security. You are recieving this email as a sucessful login was made with your account on <Server Name>.
    IP Address: <IP>
    Hostname: <Hostname>
    Time: <Time>
    This email is intended to keep you aware of any possible malicious account activity. You can change your notification preferences by clicking here.
    <Server Name>

    I have removed all my server specific and personal information from this but this is the default email I get each time I logon or miss type my password and wondered if there was any way to modify this email or the templates for them?

  • Found the location for the record it is in


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