How do I configure another game not listed in the "Server Plugin" section?

  • Hi there,

    I was hoping to configure a Rust server in PufferPanel but the only ones showing up in the Server Plugin are Minecraft related. I see that some of you guys have other plugins for certain games. Is there any way to add these? What's the process one should go about in order to accomplish this?

    Thanks in advance!

  • I am sure that works. You just need to mess around with the startup stuff a bit.

    This should be helpfull:

    You basically have a which launches the Server. So you can configure that with puffer I guess

    -server.port 28015 needs to be the same in puffer then

  • Scales is not exactly flexible in this regard. Scales only really supports the built-in games and doesn't let you easily add more.

    To add a completely new game, you'd have to alter Scales code to actually understand this, then add it to the panel as a plugin so that it can be selected. It's not a fun process.

  • @NullDev I think one of the problems I would run into is that the console is running over a different port so I don't believe I would be able to make any remote requests to the server using the web console. Does anyone know if that's true? Any way to get around this or allow the server to use multiple ports?

  • @LordRalex Ahh well that kinda stinks. Scales seems pretty awesome, but I guess that's just a limitation. Would be cool if there was a way in the web console to add a new game somehow, or at least configure the necessary files.

    How would you suggest I add Rust if not doing it via the plugin methods?

  • We do not have documentation on that, and probably will not, since Scales is going away in favor of pufferd, which makes such implementations even simpler.

    Without looking too much though (and 0 guarantees it will work), you can it this way:

  • @LordRalex Oh Scales is disappearing? I guess I won't dive too much into learning how it works then. Thanks for the heads up there! Is there any way to try out pufferd so I can familiarize myself with it? Any ETA on release?

    Thanks for the Rust help too - I appreciate that! Do you think I will be able to configure a way to run Rust using the new pufferd plugin instead? Just curious!

  • Yes, Scales is going away. That code was effectively hacks on hacks and is not code that I wrote or am comfortable with keeping. Scales is riddled with issues and there's no effective way to resolve the with how it is. We chose to instead create our new daemon built the way I had originally planned back when Scales was being created so that it actually does what it should.

    Scales was meant to be greater than what it was, but I had no control over what it became.

    The new daemon is called pufferd and you can access the code at

    It is not ready, and we are still going through testing on it, making sure both the panel and daemon function correctly where it needs to.

    pufferd is built with modularity in mind, so adding Rust is just creating a new json file on pufferd which deals with installing + running rust. Once the design is ready, we'll have documentation on how that works.

  • @LordRalex That's awesome dude. You guys sound pretty into this project. I love that! :) Wish I could offer any coding help, but I'm just a Systems/Network Engineer without much coding experience.

    Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to help answer my questions! I do really like the interface and am looking forward to the simplicity moving forward! Definitely don't mean to sound like I'm rushing you, but is there any ETA on pufferd? I assume in it's current state, there's no way to get it installed? I'm sure there is, but no instructions or anything?

  • pufferd and the updated panel are built every 30 minutes from Github (it's a hack process, but works), and so technically can be tested by others, but I do not have any confidence it does not have bugs, and is why there's no release yet. Once I have done enough testing by several users (to make sure different systems handle it, because my one VM doesn't mean it works), then it'd be released.

    I would recommend that anyone who wants to actually test the new daemon join our IRC, which I can provide links and instructions in greater detail than though a post like this. It's not something I want on the forum just yet, because I don't want it to be out of control usage with something as volatile as a new daemon.

  • @LordRalex That's fine by me. Perfectly logical explanation. I appreciate it. What's the IRC server/channel and are there any instructions there that go through the installation process?

    Thanks again. :)

  • is the IRC channel that we use, although I'm at work right now and won't be able to offer directions all the time. In theory, the new install is straight forward, but who knows. It should follow the old way, as in just a download and run, but we'll have to see.

  • @LordRalex I'm at work as well. I'll hop on when I get home. This is probably way wrong, but figured I'd ask. So rather than running the auto-generated script for Scales, I should run the following for pufferd?

    sudo bash -c 'source <(curl -sSLk'

    Thanks again for your help!

  • Yeah, not how it works.

    The panel generates the daemon commands for you, but you need the new daemon, which I've not linked anywhere publicly really. That's why I say to join IRC.

    In general, the commands that are used to install PufferPanel and Scales are used, just they are using new links for PufferPanel and pufferd.

  • @LordRalex Got it. I'll hop on in a bit. Thanks!