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Scales Error

  • I'm getting this error: "An error occured while trying to connect to the remote node. Please check that Scales is running and try again." . This is when i'm trying to add a server. Adding a node worked fine.

  • It could be that you restarted your server and scales isn't autostarting.

    You have to start scales manually. Login to your SSH account and go to /srv/scales with

    cd /srv/scales

    When you did that start it up with

    ./scales start

    Now login to puffer again and check if the node is running (at Admin Settings -> List Nodes)

    If that however does not solve your problem you have to use Auto-Deploy again:

    Go to "Admin Sttings" -> "List Nodes" -> "[your node name]" -> "Auto-Deploy" -> "Generate Deployment Script"

    Then go to your SSH console and copy that in the terminal. Press enter and you're done.

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