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Pufferpanel on azure

  • Hello,

    I have pufferpanel and scales running on a azure virtual machine.

    Everything works fine but, starting a minecraft server. I get the message in the console that the server could not bind to the port 25565.

    But I found the problem. Scales puts my public ip in the server.properties at "server-ip=".
    For some reason that doesnt work with azure.

    Does anybody know how I can fix this problem in azure or pufferpanel?

    Thank you

  • When you declared the IPs that the node can use, you need to use the private IP that azure uses internally.

    That way, when Scales overrides the IPs, it uses the IP that it can actually bind to.

  • Thank you your solution did work. Only now when people want to connect to my server they will enter Instead of the public ip. I think their really is no way to get around this problem?

  • Why would they enter

    They would use the public Azure IP, your node is bound to the private IP.

  • @LordRalex The problem now it that with the ip I cannot connect to the minecraft server. I use the public ip from azure.

  • @Luukth That is an issue with your server. You should keep the ip in the serverip field in server.properties

    Otherwise it may not bind properly (if your using multiple ip's). Other than that, I don't know much about azure runs their servers