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A couple of questions.

  • Hello! I'm thinking of installing PufferPanel on a new Dedicated server, and i have a couple of questions.

    • Does the panel need to be on a separate server than the actual game servers? So does the panel need to run on a separate VPS or Dedicated Server than the node?

    • I heard something about OVH kernels needing special configuration. Does this mean the OVH hosting company, and if so, how hard is it to switch to a generic Linux kernel/whatever other kernel would be required?

    • And lastly, is it beneficial to use PufferPanel over something else, like Multicraft? Does PufferPanel have bugs that seriously affect the user experience?

    Thanks! - Sas

    1. No, it is actually a common use-case that the panel and a "node" (what actually runs those servers) to be on the same physical machine.
    2. Yes, we mean OVH the company, and their derivatives, and changing the kernel should not be hard. The unofficial FAQ + our documentation cover 2 ways to handle that.
    3. As I personally do not use panels except PP, I cannot say. Having seen Multicraft, their setup is definitely more "download and go" than ours, but we are completely free, unlike most panels which only have free tiers. There are occasional bugs that happen, and we are working on a release to help alleviate most of the problems with the current release (no eta)

  • Okay, thanks for the quick answer! :)

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