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Error when starting server

  • I'm having a problem to start my mc-server. This is the warning - "Killing server 3f486ba3-0364-4f57-85ee-6e7ccf3b574a because statistics lookup returned an error 3 or more times in a row.

  • I have same problem but MC server not crash.

    [2016-11-16 17:10:57] [VERBOSE] Executing plugin preflight
    [2016-11-16 17:10:57] [VERBOSE] Completed plugin preflight for c6cda4a0-fb4c-411f-bc00-2ee1ac8a1488
    [2016-11-16 17:10:57] [VERBOSE] Powering on server
    [2016-11-16 17:10:57] [VERBOSE] Attempting to spawn server process for pp-tekkit_v2ixc
    [2016-11-16 17:10:57] [VERBOSE] Executing for startup: su -s /bin/bash -l pp-tekkit_v2ixc -c cd ./public && java -Xms2048M -Xmx2048M -server -jar Tekkit.jar
    [2016-11-16 17:10:57] [VERBOSE] Process started with pid 5830
    [2016-11-16 17:11:10] [VERBOSE] Server c6cda4a0-fb4c-411f-bc00-2ee1ac8a1488 successfully started.
    [2016-11-16 17:11:16] [WARN] Killing server c6cda4a0-fb4c-411f-bc00-2ee1ac8a1488 because statistics lookup returned an error 3 or more times in a row.
    [2016-11-16 17:11:16] [VERBOSE] Killing server for pp-tekkit_v2ixc (pid: 5830)

  • Great support 10/10...
    Can i gets someone to respond

  • To all affected by this, I'm just going to make a patch to Scales that you will have to manually install to disable this check in particular.

    NOTE: I have not tested this patch, but just disabled the actual killing of the server due to the checks failing. This is a problem ultimately with a library that we have, which this functionality is removed in the new daemon.

  • You can try the following patch, but it does not come with any guarantees that it will fix the problem, since Scales is not getting any code changes.


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