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SFTP Issue: Server unexpectedly closed network connection

  • Hi! I have an issue with my FTP accounts. I'm using FileZilla and I can't connect to them. Logs:

    Command:	open "pp-testin_mp6iv@XXX.XXX.XX.XX" 22
    Command:	Pass: ************
    Error:	Server unexpectedly closed network connection
    Error:	Could not connect to server

    The owner of the files is: pp-testin_mp6iv which is on the group pp-testin_mp6iv, some time ago I tried to change it to root and the server plugins and world couldn't write or read files.
    The permissions on all the files are 755.
    I still can connect with my external ftp account (root) with no issues, but I can't with the pufferpanel ones.

    What should I do?

    Thank you

  • Hey !
    Did you have change the ssh port of the server ?

  • You wrote that root using FTP is working, but the pp-users are connected via SFTP (ssh). Are you able to connect via ssh to your server?

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