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PufferPanel Question

  • Hello,

    I have a question for the community.

    Say i have 1 vps which i am using a control panel to manage all my nodes.
    What if my main control panel is down or crashed?

    Then in that case if i rebuild my control panel how ill i reattach the nodes again to the main control panel ??


  • Redundancy features are currently not built in to PufferPanel. Scales requires a Secret Key (similar to a passphrase) that is stored on the Node which PufferPanel uses to authenticate with the Node.

    Theoretically keeping a backup of the MySQL database should be sufficient to back up your PufferPanel install as, from what I can tell, most authentication information is saved in MySQL rather than in the install files.

    Considering that Scales will be phased out relatively soon in favour of Pufferd I think it would be better to wait for Pufferd's release before you create a disaster recovery plan. For the time being I would back up your MySQL database weekly or do a fully image backup of your VPS now and then.

    Perhaps @puffrfish or @LordRalex have some light to shed on this subject.

  • In all cases, both with the current daemon and the new, the panel is the master, and the daemons are slaves.

    If your panel goes down completely, those nodes will not be able to work correctly. Scales is a bit less attached and will let you start/stop servers, but pufferd is not, because of it's authorization system requiring something (does not need to be the panel specifically in theory, just any OAuth2 server).

    What Scott said is effectively correct. As long as you have a copy of the database backed up, that is what defines the nodes attached to the panel.

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