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'Unable to power on server due to a daemon error.'

  • Soo i had a problem first with some SSL Errors i fixed them now when i when i press start button it says "'Unable to power on server due to a daemon error.'" idk what to do i changed port from 5656 to 11111 cuz my router didn't allow me to portforward 5656 of portforward ranges soo plz help :(

  • There is too little info in this post.....
    First of all , how u fixes your SSL errors?
    Second , did you start the daemon correctly?
    Third , did the daemons started listening?
    Forth , try to ping your daemon port and look for ping back , if it doesn't, check your firewalls , router. If it is running on your local area network try ping ur local ip with daemon port.
    Fifth , always check your eth ip if it is correct, misconfiguration always lead to this error.

    1. I fixed the ssl issues cause it told me to click a tab and to accept the certificate
    2. I only know how to start the nodes not daemon
    3. answerd on n.2
      4 my portforwards do work cause i did move from multicraft but then i reinstalled ubuntu cause i wanted to move here and it runs static ip
      5.all on localhost no biggy

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