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[Feature Request] Server move between nodes

  • Possibly disable the server temporarily and pack the files. Once completed host a download for the other node. Download and unzip files to new directory and set permissions. Then update stuff in db such as info.

    This could be helpful in more business like situations

  • In this case , you should be using virtualization technologies, it can help you migrate servers more easily across different node and data centers. If you running business , you should be using VMs already. They offer more redundancy and stuff, and migration like this shouldn't be a problem + you can save your time by reconfigure the IPs and stuff.

  • @leang_97 I'm talking about if it is on a different machine for example, such as another rack

  • Yes, if you wanna to disable a physical server and move its file to another physical server and run on the other server in another rack with the same settings, I recommend you use VMS tho.

    If you don't wanna to use VMS, you have to move the server files all by yourself and setup the daemons again on the other server.

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