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Scales wont connect to pufferpanel!

  • I have setup everything, pufferpanel, scales, everything using both autoinstallers, nginx works perfectly, but for some reason scales wont connect to pufferpanel, so the node says it's offline, if anyone needs access to anything I can grant it to you, please help me fix scales/pufferpanel

  • Please try accessing https://YourScalesIPorDomain:5656 in your browser to verify that Scales is running and accessible. If that works, run the following command from the PufferPanel server. If it does not you may have an issue with your firewall.

    curl -k https://YourScalesIPorDomain:5656

    Make sure you receive the same response as you did in the browser. If you do not receive this response, there is a communication issue between your two servers, or connecting to the same server if Scales is running on the same node.

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