Many Minor Problems after installing PufferPanel

  • Hello,
    I've got 3 or so questions I'd like to ask and I thought grouping them in one thread would be a better idea!

    1. Firstly, is it possible to run Selinux on enforcing while PufferPanel is installed? I get access denied when accessing the web panel?

    2. I'm using SSH keys instead of passwords and was wondering how to setup ssh keys for the pufferpanel user without disturbing anything?

    3. I just restarted my dedicated server and realised the game server wasn't working, I had to start scales. How would I create a script that would start scales and my game server, so that I can put it in /etc/rc.d/init.d to start on boot?

    If anyone has any input on this it'd be fantastic!


  • Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

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