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File download hash?

  • I am currently trying to use PufferPanel in a project I am working on, as it is what's hosting the server the project is for, but one bit of the documentation seems to be a bit incomplete (or I'm missing something completely).

    The part I'm talking about is /download/:hash. On the documentation it states that a hash for the file is needed, however I do not know how to obtain a files hash, and I can't find anywhere that gives an answer.

    In short I am trying to rework something I already made works, but for a public server. For it to work the project (which is a page on a website https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAmnV6Pjbgo) needs to read certain files in the server. At the moment I have the server and site both on the same machine, my own. However I want to try and use some features that Puffer offers to expand.

    To read the specific files, I need to first download them and then read them locally. But then that is where the /download/:hash issue comes into play. I do not know how to get the hash to download said files. At first I tried using /file/:file but it came out wonky (I assume due to the file contents being raw NBT data). So my only option now is /download/:hash.

    How do I get a files hash to use with /download/:hash?

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