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Rest API?

  • Hi there,

    I'm new to PufferPanel and I wonder if there is an option to automatically create users and servers trough an restful api service. This is convieniant for me as server operator but also for our customers who wants to hire an server.

    The only thing is that when the rest api creates an new server it also should give me back where its running (which Scale node) and on what port.

    Is this already available? Or is it an nice feature for an future release of PufferPanel?

    Btw, thumbsup! What a great panel! :)


  • We do not have enough of an API set up to handle such requests. We will not likely have anything built to hook into any business-focused ends for a while, because we are currently rewriting our daemon to be of a higher standard, and that will come with a panel refractor, due to licensing concerns and overall code quality as well.

  • Ah ok, I understand. I already saw that in an upcoming version the Scalers daemons will be replaced by pufferd.
    Hopefully an full-function API will be available in the near future for business focused ends, since I really think this panel is cleaner and neater then Multicraft is.

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