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Sftp unable to login

  • I am not able to login to the sftp with the generated credintials, it always says authentication failed.
    I tried updating scales, pufferpanel.
    Rebooting the server aswell.

  • It says "AUTHENTICATION FAILED" means your login credentials is incorrect. Copy your password generated without a space infront or behind, make sure you changed your password before login

  • I had almost the same problem, so I've "Fixed" editing the database
    Now, I don't knw if you had my same issue, but, hoping you did not (If you gave a row in your DB with you username you didn't) you can just regenerate your password running this command:
    echo $(php -r "echo password_hash('<Your VERY secret password>', PASSWORD_BCRYPT);");
    and pasting the result in the password field in your MySQL DB

  • @Pandry I have no idea why your telling them to do this. They are not having issues with SQL, but with SFTP. The question was also already answered.

    EDIT: the password is stored as part of the Linux user account.

  • Hooh, excuse me, I was from my phone and I obviously read wrongly, excuse me :(

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