Scales down

  • Hello!
    Scales down on 2-3 servers everyday.
    In one of this servers I found memory leak

    [2016-08-24 07:58:46] [ERROR] (node) warning: possible EventEmitter memory leak detected. 11 off listeners added. Use emitter.setMaxListeners() to increase limit.
    [2016-08-24 07:58:46] [ERROR] Trace
    at addListener (events.js:239:17)
    at Scales.powerOn (/srv/scales/lib/process.js:399:10)
    at Async.series.startup (/srv/scales/lib/process.js:213:18)
    at /srv/scales/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:718:13
    at iterate (/srv/scales/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:262:13)
    at /srv/scales/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:274:29
    at /srv/scales/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:44:16
    at /srv/scales/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:723:17
    at /srv/scales/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:167:37
    at /srv/scales/lib/plugins/minecraft/main.js:111:28

    What to do me???

  • That should not be causing a crash.

    Can you please provide the entire Scales log instead of a snippet?

  • Where can I take it?

  • Help me please...

  • You can paste the log file to and give us the url it takes you to.

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