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Can somebony make an HLDS (Half Life Dedicated Server) Plugin?

  • Hi, I'm new at this panel, I've been using OGP For my whole life, now that I see this game panel, I like it very much, but the problem is, I need it for Counter-Strike (SteamCMD) Servers, and it runs from HLDS, so, can somebody make a HLDS Plugin or, is there any way I can do it by myself?

    PD: I talk spanish, but my english is almos there :D

  • @elpapimejor I'm a little confused by your statement.

    You run Counter-Strike servers, but need a Half-Life server for them?

    I'm a little confused by that. SteamCMD should run both of those servers, but I do not use it, so can't be sure.

  • I can explain in a little better detail about this for those that don't know.

    HLDS is a tool to essentially pull games such as day of defeat (I believe) and Counter-strike from steam as gameservers. It pretty much uses steamcmd like the SCRDS option, but all older games use the same app id (90), and need an extra argument when installing.

    This can be done with an extra argument when installing the server

    //app_set_config <app_id> <option_name> <option_value>
    //app_update <app_id> validate

    Source: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamCMD#Downloading_an_app

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