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Panel URL does not work

  • I installed PufferPanel through SSH and when it finished, I tried to go to the URL that it gave me and it doesn't work. It just says "The page isn't working" "HTTP ERROR 500"

  • Sounds like there is an issue with the panel. Check in your pufferpanel logs folder, if you installed on ubuntu using the automated installer that location for the logs should be /srv/pufferpanel/logs

    CentOS I'm not sure if it uses the same path or not as I dont run any myself. I recommend pasting the logs to paste.ee please remember to remove any information in the logs that would be considered personal (domains, usernames, passwords, etc)

    My best guess is there is something wrong with the mysql database, I know the auto-installer has an issue when it creates the mysql user for the database. Try checking there and see what host it put in. If your database is on the same server as pufferpanel you can change it to just localhost or your servers IP address. The auto installer tends to try and put: hostname:someport which mysql doesn't like.

  • I had the exact same issue two days ago. If your puffer install is local, change its user login account to "localhost" without quotation marks. If not, remove any duplicate users if they run on the same ip, and leave one. Edit the host and remove the port entirely.

    I know I sort of reworded the other response, but I found the culprit to be MySQL misconfiguration.

    Please let me know if it still doesn't work

  • I had the same issue and it was hard to fix..
    The MySQL password in the script were obfuscated so the script didn't wrote the DB, so you habe to do that manually ad I did :(

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