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Change server owner?

  • So I know that you can't change the server owner without recreating a new server.
    I know you can do it from the database but I don't know how to access it.
    Can anyone give me the command to change it?

  • This is not just controlled by PufferPanel, but also the Scales daemon, which for (poor) reasons does all of this same tracking. Updating it on the UI will not make you an owner, it will just make you appear that you are.

    That part is controlled by the 'servers' table, in which the 'owner_id' points to a user's ID (located in the 'user' table). You can change that value to have the UI represent the new owner.

    From there, (without having written the permission system, but can tell it's overly complicated), I cannot tell you if it will work correctly, because of just how Scales is. PufferPanel might work fine with it, but it may also fail just as badly.

    It is HIGHLY recommended to just re-make the server and re-upload the server files instead.

  • I'm not sure how to download a copy of the server

  • @PacksGamingHD


    There is two ways in getting a copy of the server.

    If you use root to sftp to your vps.

    1. Go to /home
    2. Find your server name you want to backup.. Ex pp-spigot_ye9af
      3a. Download to your computer
      3b. Zip the server files
    apt-get update
    apt install zip
    cd /home
    zip -r backup.zip /home/{pp_some_thing}

  • From using FTP (FileZilla) it just gives me a permission denied message

  • @PacksGamingHD

    Um I don't know how that would happen via root sftp.

    Anyways you do have 3b

    Continue on..


  • I have the ZIP but it won't let me download it:

    Command: cd "/home"
    Response: New directory is: "/home"
    Command: get "backup.zip" "/backup.zip"
    Error: local: unable to open /backup.zip
    Error: Critical file transfer error'

    edit: just moving it into a puffer panel server i can download it from the panel

  • @PacksGamingHD Good to know.. Just would like to ask how you are accessing the /home?

    root or a user account..



  • i am accessing it from root

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