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Two Factor Authentication Failure. Cannot log in! [Urgent!]

  • I've successfully logged in hundreds of times before, but for the past two days when I attempt to login, it says the 2fa is either missing or incorrect. (I've tried it several times.) I'm using google authenticate and have not changed any settings. As of now I'm locked out, and any help I could really appreciate.

  • Hello.

    Currently for this topic, I might not be able to resolve.

    The only information I could provide is that as PufferPanel does not control 2fa. You make need to create a new account and transfer it to the new account. Currently that would be backing up the files and deleting and building the server again.

    Maybe one of the developers may help



    Community Manager @puffrfish

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  • Is anyone able to perhaps tell me the file to delete to disable 2fa? I really need help, and I understand that this is open source and free, but if nobody can help me I'm just going to have to switch to something else, as I cannot afford errors like this, my bill is quite expensive, and if players can't join, they don't donate, which equals loss profit.

  • 2FA is not handled via a file, it's done via the database. You would need to go into your database, locate your user in the 'pufferpanel'.'users' table, then set the "use_totp" flag to 0.