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Status Update - 7/25/2016

  • I'm working on improving our transparency with the status of what all we are working on so that you, the users, can know where things stand.

    Currently, we are still working on the new pufferd daemon, which has been the big focus of the next release. Things are still processing as we hope with it, and the base is at a state which allows for it to at least run servers, but we have yet to get it fully integrated into the panel and have it all updated to replace Scales.

    We have been re-evaluating the security around pufferd more, and we have decided that the use of the apikeys originally outlined in the last status update to not be viable. We are looking at replacements, and will very likely end up using OAuth2/OpenID Connect as our new authentication method. While this is not committed to yet, we believe that the features of those standards would achieve the security that we need with the pufferd API. I am currently working on implementing this new service into the panel so that we can work on porting pufferd over to it.

    This new method would mean that a long-planned goal of getting data off of pufferd would be that much closer, since now pufferd will not be handling permissions directly, rather relying on some authority server, to which would use a standard so that any other service can be used.

    Unfortunately, PufferPanel as a whole will not be as small of an update as I hoped, and with it will come database changes and data migration to handle these new changes. This will mean that PufferPanel 0.9 will be worked on to handle the new service and changes. This new release will include data conversion as there is some data changes.

    With the limited manpower that we have, along with the real-life jobs that both managers have, we do find it hard to dedicate more time to the project. I had wanted this done months ago, but as you can see, that did not happen. That said, we are not giving up.

    There are several tasks coming up to which I would like to have at least someone else submit changes for (likely minor things, but still important) so that I can keep my focus on the large changes coming. I will create issues for those tasks this/next week so that anyone can submit a PR that at least contains the base code for it, to make integration easier for me.

    EDIT: I have created the milestone 0.8.7 to reflect the above. Any issue there can be done by anyone and the best PR submitted will be pulled in - https://github.com/PufferPanel/PufferPanel/issues?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Aissue+milestone%3A0.8.7

    Thank you for continuing to swim with us!

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