Users cannot start their servers

  • Some users of my hosting cannot start their servers but when I login in their accounts (with their passwords and emails) I can start the server but they cannot (the Start button is blocked or something). HELP PLS

  • they need to allow the scales ssl certificate. if you want to stop this issue from ever occurring, consider buying a secured ssl certificate

  • But the message of accept that doesnt appear

  • ok im not sure if im doing it right but i think they need to go to <your scales ip>:5656 in their webbrowser

  • I understand that I can get the SSL with Cloudflare, am I right? Other question, why when I connect to the panel with the domain it says me "Welcome to ngix" (when I connect with the IP all is right)

  • ok check the nginx sites available page.
    heres some instructions:
    cd /etc/nginx/sites-available/

            # Make site accessible from http://localhost/
 is where you should be able to access pufferpanel.
    if you want to change it, change it to however you like and run:
    sudo service nginx restart

  • @SirCoolness Now the final question: Why (my web has cloudflare) the SSL doesnt appear? Do I have to do other things?

  • @Deudly If this topic is still open good..

    There is many reasons why ssl might not work.. Sometimes it mixed content or an error somewhere inside the code.

    Cloudflare Support to this topic

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