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I need to know how to....But the documentation is too lacking.

  • I need to know how to use the remote control api to auto-restore a backup given to it by the third party script calling it.
    But the documentation is so lacking that I don't even know if it's possible.
    What I'm wanting to have made is a script that I can schedule to automatically update the server and publish a new version of my modpack on the ATLauncher at (close to) the same time.

  • I apologize about the documentation, we don't get much help with it and the API for Scales is quite rough anyway.

    To answer your question I'll need to know more specifically what you are trying to accomplish. Currently there is no functional way to upload files to a server except for via SFTP or the web interface (websocket connection). As far as I know, there is no working method in the API to upload a file via HTTP.

    You can stop and start the server via the API, which I imagine is something you'd like to do.
    For example:

    curl -k -X "GET" "https://scales.pufferpanel.com:5656/server/power/off" \
      -H "X-Access-Server: 08a980a8-107a-4a67-a800-d49839d17c3c" \
      -H "X-Access-Token: 8bad6493-f269-4ac9-8193-24264a320aff"

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