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SFTP Problem

  • Hello,
    I am having a problem accessing SFTP. My setup is a local VM running on VirtualBox (no forwarded ports).
    The problem is that when I try to access the FTP using the internal IP, I get this log:

    Status:	Connecting to
    Response:	fzSftp started, protocol_version=4
    Command:	keyfile "/home/velkovjr/.ssh/id_rsa"
    Command:	open "pp-bungee_c6inu@" 22
    Command:	Pass: **********************
    Error:	Authentication failed.
    Error:	Critical error: Could not connect to server

    What is the problem? Can I get some help?

    Thanks in advance

  • Well it says Authentication failed, which makes me think you have a bad password. Also, SFTP and FTP aren't the same.

  • It says AUTHENTICATION FAILED , when u copy the password, please DONT copy a space behind, the space cause problems

  • How do you know there's a space?

  • @zacharee Because I the problem appears all the time by my users when they generate a password, and they always copy DA SPACE! After I tell them ALOT OF TIMES there is a space behind that passowrd generated , they wont understand, and I need to show them using team viewer how to copy the password without the space (not by double click), then only it will work.......

  • Ah, OK. It sounded a little assumptive as it was posted, so I was curious.

  • @zacharee
    password with space
    alt text

    Password with NO SPACE
    alt text

    The password with space seems legit





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