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Rust SRCDS (258550)

  • Has anyone got Rust working with Puffer Panel? I uses SRCDS but don't actually run SRCDS for the startup script. I'm managed to kind of get it to work but it commands from the console in Puffer Panel don't work and I can't get RCON working because that's on a different port and I can't see any way of exposing multiple ports.

  • This is the guide I'm using for the start-up commands: http://www.rustafied.com/how-to-host-a-rust-server-in-linux/

    Essentially what I've done at the moment is create a file called "srcds_run" in the docker container with the following commands so Puffer Panel executes that but I'd ideally like a way to get the console or RCON working as well.

    clear while : do
    exec ./RustDedicated -batchmode -nographics
    -server.ip IPAddressHere
    -server.port 28015
    -rcon.ip IPAddressHere
    -rcon.port 28016
    -rcon.password "rcon password here"
    -server.maxplayers 75
    -server.hostname "Server Name"
    -server.identity "my_server_identity"
    -server.level "Procedural Map"
    -server.seed 12345
    -server.worldsize 3000
    -server.saveinterval 300 -server.globalchat true
    -server.description "Description Here"
    -server.headerimage "512x256px JPG/PNG headerimage link here"
    -server.url "Website Here"
    echo "\nRestarting server...\n" done

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