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My bungeecord crashes

  • 20:52:09 [INFO] Started query on />
    -su: line 1: 28761 Killed java -Xms1024M -Xmx1024M -server -jar BungeeCord.jar
    [Scales] [WARNING] This server has been detected as crashed by the management daemon. The restart process is being skipped due to the frequency at which this server is crashing (< 60 seconds between crashes).

  • Can we have the rest of the log? There's nothing there.

  • from the looks of your error it seems you are having problems with scales itself. you may not have acquitted resources to run bungee or there is an error in your code which in that case i suggest running the update procedure for scales on the pufferpanel documentation.

  • It's possible they didn't select the Bungeecord plugin when making the server. That caused me about an hour of hell when I was setting PP back up after a reinstall.

    But I don't really think that's the full log. Since what's provided starts with the end of the usual start up procedure, nothing can really be debugged.

  • ok try making a new bungeecord server and select the bungeecord plugin.

  • It can just be changed in the server settings too.


    Or maybe it can't... I swear I did it before.

  • puffer panel has this problem when you create a minecraft gameplay server and swap out the jar file with proxy server files, it tends to cause some issues. just try making a new bungee-cord server and if the problem still persists then thats a problem if not just delete the old bungee server.

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