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Labeling for server stats

  • So after using this wrapper for I think a year, I've noticed something a little strange.

    On the Statistics page for any server, the memory graph Y-axis is Memory Usage (Mb). I've always taken Mb to mean megabit, as in 1/8th of a megabyte. I started questioning this labeling when I saw that a server with 1024MB allocated was using 1225Mb.

    Is the Mb meant to mean megabit or does it mean MB in this case?

  • @zacharee It might have to do something with the fact that memory is not mesured in neither gigabytes nor gigabits, but in gibibytes.

  • But then wouldn't it be MiB?

  • @zacharee It should be, but even professional products (looking at you, Windows) still don't do it properly

  • But that still doesn't really explain why memory is allocated in MB, but displayed in Mb, and why the RAM display is not measured in MB, but doesn't seem like it's measured in Mb either.

  • There are typos all throughout the PufferPanel codebase, and this is likely one of them. I am pretty certain it is not measured in megabits.

    To explain why a server could be using more RAM than what was set in the panel, we only limit memory usage with -Xmx for non-dockerized servers. It is possible that a program can use more memory than what is set with -Xmx, but it generally stays around that amount.

  • Ah, OK. Thanks for the explanation.

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