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Give users control without deletion

  • Is there a way to allow a user to control certain servers on PufferPanel, but not give them the ability to edit files or delete them? The servers in question are not under the account concerned.

  • yes enable sub users.
    this can be working by doing the following:

    • go to your pufferpanel control panel
    • go to admin settings > general settings
    • tick allow sub users
    • click update settings
      (if you didnt setup the email)
    • go to email settings
    • set your panel email address to noreply@(your panel FDQN)
    • click update email settings
      (continue here if you have your email setup)
    • go back to the user interface
    • open the server you want to add the sub user
    • click on manage subusers
    • set the user's permissions
    • enter the email of the new sub user
    • tell the sub-user to check their email, they most likely would need to check their spam if your email settings are set to "php mail()"
    • if the email was found tell them to follow the instructions of the email and you should have a user with specific permissions

  • Ah, thanks!

  • no problem if you dont mind can you mark this topic solved, that can be found in the topic settings near the reply button.

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