Change session timeout

  • Is there something I can edit at least somewhat easily to change how long my session lasts on PufferPanel? Currently, it logs me out a little sooner than I would like.

  • im not sure why your having session problems never the less i have your solution or an answer.

    If you have another root admin they may be messing with you. you can log someone out in the user's settings.

    if you know no-one is messing with you try this.
    If im not mistaken this is what you change but im not 100% sure, i don't seem to have way to test it so its up to you.
    to be completely safe make sure to backup the file.
    also if you feel uncomfortable editing php files im not going to push you to try, there may be a better solution but this is the best i can think of at the moment.
    here is a little how 2 (default install):

    • open /srv/pufferpanel/src/routes/auth/routes.php with your favorite text editor (like nano)
    • go to an area arround line 66 and look for:
    		$cookie = (object) array('token' => $core->auth->keygen('12'), 'expires' => ($request->param('remember_me')) ? (time() + 604800) : null);
    • change this value to add more time to a session
    (time() + 604800)
    • all done

  • Well I'm not really having problems, I just want a really long session time ;p. Thanks

  • well i hope this can do the trick, if you do notice longer session times can you please tell me.

  • Will do. Right now I'm adding those sub-users, so I need a bit of time :)

  • Well I've changed it. I guess now I wait.

  • sounds good

  • Well it appears to have worked! :D

  • ok great, if you dont mind can you mark this topic solved :).

  • Very stupid question: how?

  • no problem if you dont mind can you mark this topic solved, that can be found in the topic settings near the reply button.

  • Topic Tools? There's just "Delete Topic", "Delete Posts" and "Ask as question".

  • my bad its
    topic tools > ask as question > topic tools > mark as solved

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