How to make a 1.8 spigot server ???

  • I've pu in the Build Parameters : -p spigot -r 1.8 ,but pufferpanel creates me a 1.9.4 server.I want a 1.8-1.8.8 server,what I need to do ???
    Please help,it's emergency

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks,problem solved

  • problem soved yet the answer is deleted im trying to figure out the same here.

  • You can delete your old spigot.jar and replace it with an other .jar
    [Removed by moderator: Please do not post a link to this place again]
    There you can find Bukkit and Spigot versions.

  • The latest git version of PufferPanel and Scales includes the ability to specify other versions, as Spigot has changed the way BuildTools works. However, we have not incorporated this change into a release of PufferPanel yet.

    @marciYreif Posting links to sites where you can download prebuilt Spigot jars of questionable safety and legality is not allowed. Please do not continue to do so.

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