IRC suggestion/question

  • im not sure exactly on how to ask so ill just go with my gut.
    was discord considered to be used for IRC.
    im mainly asking because it has some features that the current PP IRC is missing out on.

  • We do not believe we need the features that Discord provided. We are fine with the simple text chat that IRC is.

    What do you think is missing?

  • I would like to add that IRC (and EsperNet in particular) is home to many Minecraft and game server related projects. In addition to privacy concerns with something like Discord we would be isolating ourselves from the community that exists on IRC. If it were not for IRC PufferPanel would have never been made and it has been a big part of why PufferPanel has been successful.

  • ah makes sense. thanks

  • @SirCoolness What sort of features are you looking for?

  • well its more polished, auto moderators (bots), permissions, teamspeak style voice chat, auto embed links, etc.

    its like if IRC, Skype and teamspeak had a baby

  • We have bots already, which can be configured to do different things. Not sure why we would need permissions though outside of the standard kick/ban. Auto-embed is just your IRC client, which I cannot think of one that does not do.

    And I don't want voice chat at all.

  • ah i didnt relize you could auto embed the IRC client.

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