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Cannot Add Node

  • On the /admin/node/add page, after i fill out the form and hit the submit putton, the page refreshes and reverts to a form that isn't filled out. No node is added. Thanks for your help!

  • As referenced by the message in the issue template, please make sure to open a support thread in the future before opening GitHub issues.

    Could you please provide the following information:

    • Which distribution of Linux you are using (Ubuntu 14.04, etc)
    • Which browser and OS you are using to access PufferPanel

    As well as the following log files. You can paste them to http://paste.ee and give us the URL it takes you to.

    Any logs in /srv/pufferpanel/logs
    /var/log/php5-fpm.log (name may vary depending on distro)


  • My bad, first time posting.
    Dist: Ubuntu 15.10
    Browser: Firefox, Ubuntu 15.10 (also tried FF on iOS)
    PufferPanel logs folder:
    Scales: None
    php5-fpm.log: Not sure about location.
    Thought you would like to see my confusing NGINX sites-enabled config. It does work though:
    http://paste.ee/p/sToVY (location /php is phpmyadmin)

    Thank you!

  • Well, tried it again and it worked. I will leave this topic opened until we figure out the cause.

  • Now getting an Server 500 error when adding a server :(

  • Your nginx configuration is likely the cause of this, as well as installing PufferPanel somewhere other than /srv/pufferpanel. Please try with the default pufferpanel.conf nginx config, as well as following the steps of the installation exactly as written on the documentation.

    Your log files seem to indicate that the installation was not successful. While I don't know for sure, your nginx conf might "work" but it is far from the proper way of doing things. PufferPanel uses a router so it is important that requests are passed to it. Once you have PufferPanel functional by default, then you can go ahead and add additional location blocks to your nginx config or whatever it is you would like to do.

    I would recommend taking a look at the answers I posted in this thread which show how to add additional location blocks.

  • @puffrfish ok I will do that. Is there a way to have it install to example.com/panel?

  • No, PufferPanel does not support running in a sub directory, but you can run it as a subdomain, for example panel.example.com. Create an A record at your DNS provider (usually your domain registrar) with the IP of your panel server, and then provide the installer panel.example.com when it asks for the FQDN. You may need to manually edit the server_name line in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/pufferpanel.conf if that file already exists before running the installer.

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