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Scales Not Working

  • Hello PufferPanel Community

    I am wondering if you can help me with 2 issues

    One when I run ./scales on it'a own it says permission denied and I have to use sudo

    1. Scales won't start

    Here is the error message

    [2016-05-19 23:03:08] [INFO] + ========================================== +
    [2016-05-19 23:03:08] [INFO] | Scales logs all information, (inc. errors) |
    [2016-05-19 23:03:08] [INFO] | into the logs/ directory. Please check |
    [2016-05-19 23:03:08] [INFO] | there before asking for help with bugs. |
    [2016-05-19 23:03:08] [INFO] | |
    [2016-05-19 23:03:08] [INFO] | Submit bug reports at the following link: |
    [2016-05-19 23:03:08] [INFO] | https://github.com/PufferPanel/Scales |
    [2016-05-19 23:03:08] [INFO] + ========================================== +
    [2016-05-19 23:03:08] [ERROR] uncaughtException: listen EADDRINUSE
    [2016-05-19 23:03:08] [ERROR] Unhandled exception occurred
    Error: listen EADDRINUSE
    at Object.exports._errnoException (util.js:870:11)
    at exports._exceptionWithHostPort (util.js:893:20)
    at Server._listen2 (net.js:1238:14)
    at listen (net.js:1274:10)
    at net.js:1383:9
    at doNTCallback3 (node.js:452:9)
    at process._tickDomainCallback (node.js:399:17)
    at Function.Module.runMain (module.js:469:11)
    at startup (node.js:136:18)
    at node.js:963:3


    1. You do have to use sudo or run ./scales start as root

    2. There is another instance of Scales already running that the scales script can't track anymore. Please do the following as root or with sudo.

    ps aux

    This will print out a list of all the running processes. Find all of the Scales processes (nodejs) and their process ID numbers (PID). Then stop them by running kill followed by the process ID, for example:

    kill 4587

  • After you have completed those steps, you may then start Scales as normal.

    cd /srv/scales
    sudo ./scales start

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