X-Access-Server/Token problem?

  • I've re-install pufferpanel on a new VPS and have setup my first server but I'm having some problems...

    When trying to power on the server:

    Unable to power on server due to a daemon error.

    When trying to list files with the file manger:

    The daemon returned an error. (Required X-Access-Token header is an invalid server.)

    Any ideas? or should I just re-install scales?
    Thanks in advance :)

  • Please paste the contents of /srv/scales/logs/proc.log to http://paste.ee and give us the URL it takes you to. It sounds like there is an issue with Scales. If you have reinstalled PufferPanel you will need to update the config file for Scales or reinstall it.

  • I don't see anything wrong in the Scales log, so it sounds like the configuration between Scales and PufferPanel is no longer synced up. I would recommend reinstalling Scales.

  • Re-installed. Problem solved :).

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