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Show online players

  • Good morning,..and,.. ;-) I have another question.

    How about this.

    Do you think it is possible to get Kind of a Dashboard when loggin in?

    On this Dashboard I would like to see how many Players are playing on the different Servers.
    (maybe just add a column to the existing startpage).

    Do you think this is feasable?


  • Yea its feasible, it could simply be done by using JSON in JavaScript.
    I'm not going to speak for the dev. but i don't see why it cant be a new feature.
    That most likely wont be added until most/all of the pufferpanel bugs gone.

  • We've considered some kind of dashboard that users view when they first load the panel in the past and the redesign will probably have something like that, but I don't know the exact data we could display on it.

    Right now PufferPanel directly queries servers to get various kinds of data from them and it's not ideal but it works. It is challenging since each server type has a different way of getting that sort of data. We want to make PufferPanel easier to add additional games types. While that is largely dependent on pufferd being able to handle it, our challenge is in not having a situation like we currently have where the daemon's game types and PufferPanel's game types have to match up. An option is moving this functionality to pufferd, but I don't know how appropriate it is to be in the daemon.

    It's definitely not something that would be in the next release though, or maybe even in v1.0.0. It is a project itself to make a really useful dashboard, but I am a fan of them so I would love to see a great one in PufferPanel.

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