Assign 2 ports to the one server

  • Is there any way of assigning 2 ports to 1 servers as ark requires 2 ports.

    Thank you in advance

  • There is not currently a way to do that. However if you do not use docker with Scales, servers are free to bind to additional ports.

  • Hmmm but I just confused as for eg ark is a steam game but the srcds don't have it but the Id can be defined at:

    Then surely I can just add the id in :

    SRCDS Application ID ${build_params}

    But the files don't down the steam cmd is fine :(

  • It looks like that is one of the servers that requires you to sign in with Steam, which isn't something that Scales supports. Perhaps that is the issue? I have heard people doing something like downloading the server locally and then uploading it to get around the restriction.

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